Getting an Old Girlfriend Back

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If you ever try to win an old girlfriend back, you will probably find it is perhaps one of the hardest things that you may ever do and so be sure that it is really what you want before you try. It is a well-known fact that getting a new girlfriend is often easier than getting an old one back but some people believe that the old one is the only girl for them, the only girl that can make their life complete and so they give it a try anyway.

When looking at getting an ex girlfriend backone of the first things you should perhaps do is go online where there are many websites that will give you advice as to the best way to go about getting them back. These websites however possibly point out the things you shouldn’t do rather than the things you should but their advice is good and has helped many boys get their old flames back.

Concentrating on advice regarding what not to do in order to try and win an old flame back, the websites are all in agreement that begging is never a viable option as that will not provide long term results. Begging makes you look weak and an ex will lose respect for you by you doing it. They may of course feel pity for you and return to you because of that but as the pity wears off, so will their interest in you and you will find yourself on your own again.

Stalking is not only illegal but it is very much a waste of time when winning back an ex is concerned. The trouble is that most people that are stalked do find out and when they do they hate the person that had been doing the stalking and ridding them of their privacy. Once an ex even suspects you are stalking them, all your chances for getting back with them will be destroyed.

When you do get a chance to speak to an ex, do not mention the good times you had as memories of the bad times will also appear in their heads and once they are reminded of those, your chances of winning them back are greatly reduced.

You should talk of the future, mentioning things you know they love, perhaps romantic picnics or candle lit dinners. Weekends in the countryside or seaside or anything else you know they will want to hear but, do not just say them, follow the things through and actually do at least some of them. Be very careful how you act as they already know your bad points and if it was one of those that caused the break up, do your best to avoid them. You will not only have to tell your ex-girlfriend that you have changed, you will also have to find a way of displaying that you have changed and changed for the better, becoming a man they can really like.