Considering Which Refrigerator to Buy

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When considering which new refrigerator to buy there are several things which you need to bear in mind apart from of course the price. The first thing you may want to consider is which brand of refrigerator you would prefer. Although different brands, make similar styles and types as other brands, can be more or less reliable and therefore need more maintenance over their expected life expectancy. Some brands may also be more or less energy efficient meaning the brand you buy could determine how much your energy bill amounts to each month.

Some people may already know a brand they can trust but most of us will have to research in order to determine the most efficient and reliable. We can do this by going to websites like which offer unbiased reviews of many of the different brands, types, and styles of the refrigerator. Of course, often the type and style of a refrigerator are more of personal preference than anything else but at least these websites may help you determine which brand would be best for you to look at first.

All the different refrigerators can perhaps be broken down into two specific types and five individual styles, all of which are made by many of the different manufacturers and therefore known under different brand names. The two types of the refrigerator are classed as regular refrigerators or counter depth refrigerators. Whilst the regular refrigerators may come in a variety of different depths and sizes, as their name suggests, counter depth refrigerators, regardless of their size, will always have a depth compatible with normal kitchen counters, between 23” and 26”. This means that the counter depth refrigerators are easier to find suitable placement in kitchens without looking out of place or obtrusive.

The five different styles include:

* Freezer on the top
* Freezer on the bottom
* French door
* Side by side
* Single door

These are usually of personal preference but traditionally the first two have been the more popular, however, their popularity is now being challenged by the French door style. Although not yet as popular as the first three, the side by side refrigerators offers equal easy access to both the refrigerator and the freezer. The last style is perhaps only bought by people who have limited space as they are usually the smallest and so can conveniently fit in a small apartment.

Perhaps one reason why the French door style of refrigerator is becoming as popular as it is is that the dual refrigerator compartments, each with a separate door, allow one half of the refrigerator space to maintain is chill factor whilst the other half’s door is open. These French door style refrigerators can also have their freezers either on top or below the main compartment and so offering the same features as the traditional refrigerators, they offer a different look and also an opportunity to potentially save energy which in these times of limited funds and tight budgets, is a very compelling selling point.