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Flowers have always been a popular gift, especially as a gift to a woman. Today however, flowers seem to be growing even more in popularity as gifts. Of course probably the busiest day for any florist is Valentine’s Day when nearly every man seems to want to give flowers to their wife or girlfriend, perhaps even just to a woman they like but other days are becoming almost as busy for the florists as Valentine’s Day has always been. Flowers are popular for weddings and funerals, birthdays and graduations, as a sign of condolence or with get well wishes, and in fact flowers are popular for almost any event or celebration. Although this has always been the case for many years now, the recent increase in popularity is probably due to many florists now being available online, making the ordering of flowers far easier. This is not just a phenomenon in one country; it is happening all across the world including the Far East in places like Singapore. Regardless of which country a florist is situated, many of them can offer same day or next day delivery and this is now the case in Singapore as well as many other places. One of the biggest florist Tampines, which is an area in the eastern region of Singapore, is in fact an online florist.

The florist business is perhaps a well suited business for growth on the internet and the main reason for that is that many of the fresh flowers you order from a florist are not actually grown in the area where the florist is, most of them are grown in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has been the world’s largest flower growing nation for many years and they are experienced and fully competent to have fresh flowers delivered anywhere in the world at short notice. The fact that those flowers can now be ordered on the internet only makes it easier for the deliveries to made worldwide at short notice. In many cases, the flowers you order, even in a florist’s shop, will not be the actual flowers that are delivered as they would not be fresh enough to deliver. It is therefore only the type of flower and how they are arranged which takes place in the florist’s and therefore, the ordering of flowers over the internet is no different from ordering them in an actual florist shop.

One thing that sometimes gives some people a problem, is what flowers may be appropriate for certain occasions but an online florist, just like a local florist, can give advice on that concern. Online florists have recently become as popular, if not more popular, than the traditional high street florist and this is a trend that is likely to continue. Although you cannot actually smell the flowers online, you know that they will be fresh when delivered as the florist’s and the Netherland’s reputations are at stake if they are not and that is a lot considering how popular the online florist industry has become.