Backpacking in New Zealand

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New Zealand has become one of the more popular destinations for backpackers which is perhaps no surprise as the country has so much beauty to offer any traveller, including those that wish to travel on a budget. The idea of most backpackers is to travel as much in a country or perhaps several countries, on whatever limited budget they may have. The title backpacker refers to the fact that a backpack in probably the most convenient form of packaging for what they need to carry, especially as travelling on a budget will often mean hitchhiking or at the very least using whatever public transport is available where they are. Of course whilst travelling as far as they can, the real objective is to see as much as they can and that often means spending a few days in places of particular interest to the backpacker.

Those interests could include history, art, adventure sports or just relaxing on different beaches and so a backpacker, although often not tied to any set itinerary, will plan a route that hopefully will allow them to enjoy the most of their particular interest which the countries they visit have to offer. Many backpackers though, do not have any special interest other than to just experience the different cultures and so travel in a more haphazard nature, travelling in whatever direction they think will bring them new experiences or in touch with different cultures.
Whatever their objective, many backpackers would like to extend their experience but lack the funds to do so but this is something that is changing. As backpacking becomes more popular, it is being more recognized as an aspect of life in some of the countries which are popular with backpackers, such as New Zealand and this in turn has led to these countries allowing backpackers to take up temporary work in their country. Obviously the jobs that backpackers are allowed to take are usually seasonal jobs or jobs of a temporary nature, such as county or state fairs, open air concerts or special sporting events. If a backpacker was considering doing any of these jobs along their way, they would have to do a great deal of planning before setting out, in order to reach certain destinations in time to meet certain events but to avoid all that planning, both New Zealand and Australia have a Backpacker Jobboard which they publish on the internet.

By taking advantage of these job boards, a backpacker can make short term plans in order to meet upcoming vacancies, avoiding any long term planning which may be difficult to stick to given the type of travel they are undertaking. These job boards, apart from helping backpackers stay in the country longer, will also help those employers seeking temporary help to fill their requirements. With this added advantage for backpackers in Australia and New Zealand, those two destinations may become even more popular with backpackers than they already are and perhaps even pave the way for more people to start backpacking.